Scottish Rite - Valley of Peoria


Valley of Peoria History Page

Original BuildingChartered in Yates City, Illinois, on February 25, 1867, the Scottish Rite Bodies of the Valley of Peoria have met in four places since moving to Peoria in 1869. The first meeting place was in Frazer's Hall, on the north side of Main Street, directly above the alley between Washington and Adams Streets. This building was removed in 1964 to provide space for the international office of Caterpillar Tractor Co. The second meeting place was at the Masonic Temple, located at the corner of Southwest Adams and Liberty Streets, where the First Bank of America is located at this time. The Scottish Rite was at this location from October 22, 1883 until December 30, 1899. The Scottish Rite then moved to the Masonic Temple at 727 Main Street.

On May 7, 1924, during the Spring Reunion, the cornerstone of the present home for the Scottish Rite Bodies was laid. The ceremony was conducted by Arthur E. Wood, Grand Master of Illinois, and his corps of officers. The project was the culmination of a long-planning search by Edward Ulysses Henry for a temple design worthy of the Scottish Rite Bodies of Peoria. He finally found his inspiration in Scotland, and endowed the new building with many of the ideas and features he admired there and found suitable.   Flying buttresses and the beautiful, symbolic stained glass windows became the distinguishing features, and add much to the architectural beauty of the building. The Scottish Rite Bodies of Peoria are proud to be a part of this great community. The current membership for our Valley is approximately 2,100 members.